Workforce race inequalities and inclusion in NHS providers

Research project

Research has shown that not enough progress has been made to address discrimination against ethnic minority staff in the NHS. Although the introduction of the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) in 2015/16 has led to improvements in a number of areas, significant cultural challenges remain.

In embarking on this project, we wanted to better understand what discrimination looks and feels like for staff from ethnic minority backgrounds in the NHS. We also wanted to identify NHS providers that had made progress in tackling race inequalities in their organisation.

What we did

We spoke to 12 members of staff from ethnic minority backgrounds about their experiences in the NHS. You can explore their stories in our feature-length article.

We also identified three NHS provider organisations who had made continued improvements in this area. Our research report explores how these organisations have sought to address workforce race inequalities and develop positive and inclusive working environments.

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